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This is a space version of the traditional Knight's Tour game. Knight's Tour is a chess variant where the player moves around a Knight (a single playable character) on a board of tiles.

The objective is to cover all the tiles without revisiting any of them. The Knight moves in a L-shape pattern (2 tiles forward and 1 tile to the side).

The interaction is very simple. The player has to simply select the board size in the UI. The board sizes offer varying degree of difficulty to the player. Upon hitting play, the player is presented with a hovercraft that has to move in an L-shape pattern by simply clicking on a valid tile.

If the player runs out of valid moves before completing the circuit, the game is lost. If the player is able to cover all the tiles, the game is won. That simple!

Install instructions

The game was designed and developed using the Unreal 4 game engine. At present, this is only distributed for the Windows platform.


  1. Download the Knights_Tour.zip file
  2. Unzip into your preferred directory
  3. Run the Knights_Tour.exe file
  4. Note: If you have an Antivirus program like BitDefender, you may notice the exe files disappearing after running the first time. In some cases, it may disappear upon downloading and unzipping. In such cases, simply change your antivirus settings to allow the game executable to run.


Knights_Tour.zip 397 MB

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